Freaq On solana

$FREAQ, our new utility-tied token, is coming to the Solana blockchain. Our foundation for the token will set us up for a successful launch as we distribute 40% of the tokens to our community and hold 0 team tokens.

People who mint an NFTfreaQ will receive a $FREAQ airdrop on top of the farming they have done in our quests and P2E game. Additionally, there will be exclusive utility for NFT holders with the token through games and more.


We are very transparent and straightforward with our token allocation. Almost half of the allocation goes to holders and people who have supported us within our community.

From the mischievous antics to the gentle wisdom, they traverse the digital landscape, embracing their inner monsters with a sense of wonder and curiosity. We wanted to do this to show how our main goal is to make this our communities token and to benifet them and not us.

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