Its Humans Vs Monsters.... but which side are you on?

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The Human Freaq

Meet the Humans. With their unwavering resolve and technological prowess, they embark on a noble quest to protect the digital realm from any encroaching danger.

But as they delve deeper into the mysteries of NFTfreaQs, they soon discover that the true monsters may not be lurking outside, but within themselves....

Our Freaqy Monsters

A feared but highly respected band of quirky Monsters with hearts as big as their imaginations.

From the mischievous antics to the gentle wisdom, they traverse the digital landscape, embracing their inner monsters with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Why be FreaQy?

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    Our Roots

    Our artist and founder, Gideon, has broken traditional art barriers with his unique process of creating art on a mobile device. His approach supports innovation, cultural representation, and underrepresented artists in the space.

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    Artist Support

    Every week, we are buying NFTs from artists in our community. To showcase your art with us, tweet it using #NFTfreaQs. We will be purchasing different pieces we find through this hashtag.

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    Brand Value #nftfreaqs

    Our hashtag isn't just a trend; it embodies our community's essence. Committed to transparency, we integrate live stats for real-time tracking, fostering trust—one transparent milestone at a time, freaQ by freaQ.

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    Gideon fully grants NFTfreaQ holders IP rights for commercial use, allowing users to launch a business with community support, boosting global recognition and brand value. Exclusive access to our comic and anime series using holders' NFTs. The other two teams, Wizards and Robots, will be airdropped to Human and Monster holders.

NFTfreaQs Roadmap

Our Partners